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About Configuration Hunter Software

Configuration Hunter is a free astrology software and it was designed to help you in your astrological activities and it was built on the Swiss Ephemeris ( It is not created to replace any other astrology software that you are working with but to extend their existing functionalities.

The primary goal of this application is to offer you the ability to search for aspects and configurations within a chart or a series of charts and to display the results in a simple and analytical manner. It has no fancy graphics , only pure information.

The following astrological configurations are supported by the software:
T-Minor : 3 plantes configurations with 2 planets on Trine (120 degree aspect) and both of them on Sextile (60 degree aspect) from the third planet.
KITE: 4 planets configuration and is formed by a Grand Trine and T-Minor with 2 planets in common. A Kite has a focus point and an exit point and both of them are in Opposition (180 degree aspects).
Grand Trine : 3 planets configuration where each planet is 120 degree apart from each other (3 trines).
Grand Cross : 4 planets configuration with 2 oppositions and 4 squares.
T-Square : 3 planets configuration where 2 planets are in Opposition and both on them are in Square regarding the third planet.
Rectangle: 4 planets configuration with 2 main oppositions, 2 sextiles and 2 trines.

The following astrological aspects are supported by the application:
Conjunction : 0 degrees aspect
Sextile : 60 degrees aspect
Square : 90 degrees aspect
Trine : 120 degrees aspect
Opposition : 180 degrees aspect
Custom aspect : you can set up your preffered angle (only integer value)

For each aspect you can set up the preffered orb.

Configuration Hunter offer support for the following planets and other astrological elements: Sun , Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, Juno, Pholus, Pallas , Ceres, Vesta , Lilith (mean apoge) , North Node (mean Node), Ascendant, Nadir, Descendant , Midheaven,Cupido , Hades, Zeus, Kronos, Appolon, Admetos , Vulcanus and Poseidon.

Configuration Hunter allows you to create 6 different types of analysis. Each type of analysis is designed to fullfill specific astrological needs and to offer you maximum of flexibility in your work:

Single chart - this is the primary type of analysis and it allows you to search for aspects/configuration within a single chart. It can be a natal chart or an event chart.

Two single charts - this type of analysis is very usefull in case you want to compare 2 charts and extract the configurations or aspects made. You can use it for sinastry charts as well as for comparing a natal chart with an event.

Time Interval charts -if you want to make an enquiry on the specific time interval you can use very well this type of analysis.

Combined search - this type of analysis is excellent when you want to search configurations/aspects made between planets from a fixed chart (natal chart for example) and the planets position from a specific time frame. For example if you want to see what transit aspects are forming for the next 2 month on your natal chart this is the desired analysis.

List Search - this is a new type of analysis added to this version. Basically it will give the posibility to analyze configurations/aspect from a pre-defined list of charts.

Combined List Search -this is a analysis type is similar with Combined Search but instead of interval search you can set up a pre-defined list of events. For example you may want to see the aspects/configurations made between natal chart elements and a list of exact events. To be more clearly I’ve first used this analysis type for using the Michael Schumacher natal chart and as I list of transit I’ve added all his races.

System Requirements:
- Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP
- At least 64 MB of RAM is strongly recommended, 128 MB or more is preferred.

For more detailes you can read the manual in .doc format DOC Manual or in PDF format PDF Manual

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About Author

My name is Dan Ciubotaru and I'm the author of this astrology software.
I'm a romanian astrologer , member of Romanian Astrologers Association ( and I'm currently based in Bucharest, Romania.

You can visit my blog for more astrological insights : Living Astrology Blog

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Free astrology software for searching astral configurations and aspects on natal or synastry chart and also for transits. Configuration included: Grand Trine, T-Square, Kite, Rectangle and Grand Cross. Planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptun, Pluton, Chiron,Lunar Nodes, Ascendant,Midheaven, Nadir,Vesta,Ceres,Juno. Aspects: conjunction, sextile, square, opposition, trine.Freeware astrology software.