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About Configuration Hunter Software
Configuration Hunter is a free astrology software and it was designed with the purpose of helping you in your astrological activities. It is not built to replace any other astrology software that you are working with but to extend their existing functionalities.

The primary goal of this application is to offer you the ability to search for aspects and configurations within a chart or a series of charts and to display the results in a simple and analytical manner. It has no fancy graphics , only pure information.

Configurations supported: T-Minor, Grand Trine, Grand Cross, Kite and Rectangle

Aspects supported: Conjunction, Sextile, Square, Trine, Opposition and also custom angle.

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Free astrology software for searching astral configurations and aspects on natal or synastry chart and also for transits. Configuration included: Grand Trine, T-Square, Kite, Rectangle and Grand Cross. Planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptun, Pluton, Chiron,Lunar Nodes, Ascendant,Midheaven, Nadir,Vesta,Ceres,Juno. Aspects: conjunction, sextile, square, opposition, trine.Freeware astrology software.